CP-102 Dual Channel Compressor / Limiter / Expander
The CP-102 provides 2 channels Compressor / Limiter / Expander to give complete control of signal dynamics to sound reinforcement companies, studio. It would make a huge differencefor your mediocre demo into a high-quality professional production.


  • Perfect for PA systems, broadcast applications, and recording studios
  • Increasing vocal presence and energy.
  • Compressing mono or stereo signals without loss of high frequencies, and minimize
  • dangerous signal peaks
  • It gives you total dynamic control for the perfect sound quality
  • Audio Input
         Impedance: 60 kΩ
         Nominal Operating Level: -10dBu to +4dBu
         Max. Input Level: +21dBu (Bal and Unbal)
  • Power requirement
          Main Voltage : AC 110V/120V 60Hz
                                AC 220V/240V 50Hz
          Dimension : 4.45 x 48.3 x 21.6(cm)
          Weight: 3.375Kgs
  • Audio Output
          Impedance: <40Ω
          Max. Output Level: +21dBu
          Frequency response: 5Hz-50KHz, +0/-1db
          THD. @ +4dBu : 0.05% Type
          Noise & Hum. Unity Gain: >90dBu
          Noise & Hum. Fully Off: >95dBu
          Crosstalk @ 20KHz: >85dBu
  • Detector Input
          Impedance: >20 kΩ
          Max. Input Level: +21dBu