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PLUS Tube Microphone Preamp


PLUS Tube Microphone Preamp

The BP-1Plus is a single channel Mic preamp come with 12AX-7 preamp tube which works with any professional microphone - offering all the features a small convenient package. It is perfect for all live sound and digital and analog recording applications.


•12AX7 Vacuum Tube is used for warm sound and
•Lowest noise
•Limiter switch to prevent distortion
•Phase switch to reverse the input signal
•Selectable +48V Phantom power supply
•+20dB Gain switch provided
•LED indicators for output level
•Input and output plug: balance 1/4" TRS and XLR
•Aluminium case with robber feet
•Power: AC 9V


•XLR input: XLR input
•Connector: Balanced/unbalanced
•Type: Transformerless, DC-decoupled input
•Impedance: 2KÙ
•Max. Input level: +7dBu/20dB with Gain
•1/4" TRS input: 1/4" TRS input
•Connector: Balanced/ unbalanced
•Type: Transformerless. DC-decoupled input
•Impedance: 1MÙ
•Max. input level: +16dBu/ 20dB with Gain
•Audio output: Audio output
•Connectors: XLR and 1/4" TRS connector balanced/ unbalanced
•Type: Transformerless. DC-decoupled input
•Impedance: 700Ù balanced/ 350Ù unbalanced
•Max. output level: +26dBu @ 100KÙ
•Frequency response: Frequency response
•Mic input: <10Hz~43K Hz (+/-3dB)
•Line input: <10Hz~40K Hz (+/-3dB)
•Function controls: Function controls
•Gain: Variable(Mix to Max)
•Output: Variable (0 to +20dB)
•Function switches: Function switches
•20dB Gain: Level attenuation (20dB)
•+48V: Activates the phantom power
•Phase reverse: Limits the output signal
•Input Level: 6-segment LED meter: -10,-5, 0,+3,+6dB, Peak
•Power LED: Indicates operation
•Dimensions: 2 1/2" (49mm)x 5 1/4" (132mm)x 5 1/4" (155mm)
•Weight: 0.5kgs