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100W+100W Class D Amplifier


100W+100W Class D Amplifier

The AMP-D100 is a 2-channel digital amplifier desgined to be used to boost audio amplification where needed , either as a standalone amplifier, or as an addition to a whole-house distributed audio system in order to provide extra amplifier power in larger rooms or spaces. Its space-saving 1/2-rack design allows for quick installation and gives lexibility of mixing and matching with other 1/2-rack products to save valuable equipment rack space.
The powerful class D amplifier in the AMP-D100 is combined with features such as 12v trigger control, audio sensing, volume gain adjustment, and a buffered line output that enables even more amplification of the same audio signal when needed.


•Provides 100 watts ouput per channel.
•RCA jacks for signal loop out.
•12VDC Trigger In/Out.
•Selectable for Multiple Turn-on modes.
•Selectable for Multiple output modes.
•Short Circuit and Thermal protections.


•Terminal Blocks: Speaker output
•RCA for Audio input
•Built-in switching power
•Output power:100 W@4Ω THD1% RMS ( 70W MAX)
•THD1%: 50W @4Ω
•THD1%: 28 W @8Ω
•S/N: -107dB 1K(4Ω)
•THD: 1%(50W 4Ω)
•Frequency Response: 10Hz~50KHz(-3dB)
•Input Sensitivity: 300mV(50W 4Ω)
•Input Impedance (Audio): 10K
•Power output: AC 100~240 V 50/60Hz
•Power consumption: 70W(50W 1% 4Ω)
•Bridge mode support 100W for speak out ( Mono. Type)
•Dimensions (WxDxH): 10.7” x 7.1” x 1.8” (271 x 180 x 45 mm)
•Weight: 1.85kg. (Net)