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Mobile Three Sets Receiver (Active)


Mobile Three Sets Receiver (Active)

UBR1231A module is designed to receive three pairs of Audio signal from CSP product, and transfers all the signals to the corresponding of Balanced or Unbalanced Audio Outputs on the front panel. When connecting three single pair of CSP transceivers, each of the transceivers needs to set at different Pair A, B, C.

Multiple of UBR1231A also compatible with CSP Distributor, the three pairs of signal from the CSP Distributor could be distributed to the different locations.
UBR1231A module could be powered from a 24VDC power supply by using terminal block or DC jack on the front panel, and the power also could be provided to all the connected modules by Pair D. UBR1231A may be powered from other modules through the Pair D of TP CAT5 cable. When the power is supplied to this module, front panel LED will light on.


•Balanced or Unbalanced Audio Outputs
•Signals from Pair A, B, C to Outputs
•Powered by Terminal Block or 24V DC jack or from RJ45 Jack
•Blue LED Indicates Module is Powered
•Daisy chain topology


•Input: CSP UTP RJ45
•Connection: RJ45
•Twisted Pair Used: A, B, C pairs
•Outputs: 150 Ω Balanced; 1K Ω Unbalanced
•Output Connector: Detachable Terminal Block (Balanced) ;RCA Jack (Unbalanced) 
•Output Level: +4 dBu , +22 dBu Max. (Balanced) ;-10 dBV (Unbalanced)
•THD+N: < 0.005%
•Frequency Response: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
•Crosstalk: <-90dB  (1 kHz), < 75 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
•Power Requirement: 24 VDC @ 35 mA; 155 mA (Max.)
•DC Power Connectors: DC Jack, Detachable Terminal Block(2Pin), RJ45
•Dimensions: 76mm x 40.6mm x 38.1mm (WxHxD)