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Console Mixer


Console Mixer

LM-1200 mixer are designed to offer a superior quality audio performance in an easy to use, great value package. The quality of the LM-1200 is such it can be bused in a variety of professional applications such as studio, sound reinforcement, field recording and film/video production.


•High quality 60mm Japanese Faders
•Highly accurate 10 segment barograph meters
•48V low-noise Deglobal Phantom power
•3-band EQ in all input channels (12KHz, 2.5KHz, 80Hz)
•75Hz, 18dB/ octave low cut filter on mono input channels
•2 Stereo EFX returns./ Balanced inputs and outputs
•EFX Return to main./ AUX 1, 2 and ALT3-4 switch
•Peak and signal LEDs on mono Channel
•Two AUX send (Pre and Post fader switch on AUX1)
•Separate Main Mix. Control room, ALT3-4 and headphone outputs
•Two track inputs assignable to main mix, control room/headphone Outputs
•4 Balance/unbalanced mono line input
•4 low noise high headroom XLR mic input
•4 pairs of balanced/unbalanced stereo line inputs with +4/-10 input gain/sensitivity selector.
•ALT 3-4 extra stereo Aux
•PEF/SOLO and Mute/ALT3-4 on all Channels


•THD: 0.025% (THD+N)
•Frequency response: 10Hz-60KHz (+3dB,-3dB), 20Hz-20KHz (+0dB,-0dB)
•S/N rate (A weight): 80dB
•Cross talk: -70dB (1KHz and10KHz)
•MIC input sensitivity: -68dB (Normal output:+4dBm)
•Line input sensitivity: -50dB (Normal output:+4dBm)
•Stereo input sensitivity: -12dB (Normal output:+4dBm)
•Gain control: 50dB
•EQ control:±15dB (High:12KHz;Mid:2.5KHz;Low:80KHz)
•MAX out: +22dBm
•Impedance: MIC input impedance 3KΩ
•Other input impedance: 10KΩ
•Out impedance: 120Ω
•Headphone max out: 50MW/8Ω
•DC global phantom power: +48V
•Noise: -128DbM (A weight, Rs=150Ω)