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Dante Interface Mic/Line
2 Inputs x 2 Outputs (EU Wall Plate)


Dante Interface Mic/Line 2 Inputs x 2 Outputs (EU Wall Plate)

ETHERNET-60PoE-60Dante-60MIC-60XLR-603.5 JACK-60
DIC2523AU is a high quality Dante interface box for converting two Dante channels to Analogue Audio outputs, and two Analogue Audio inputs to Dante network.


• One Mic/Line XLR Input and One Mini-jack Input on Front Panel
• Terminal Block for Two Audio Outputs on Rear Panel
• Mini-jack Input is set to Mono signal
• Converts Mic or Line Audio Signals to Dante Network
• Mic or Line is Selectable for XLR Input 
• Switchable 48V Phantom Power for Mic XLR Input
• Adjustable Mic/LIne Gain from -20 dB to +20dB for Each Input Channel
• Two Audio Signal Outputs from Dante Network
• Balanced or Unbalanced Signal Outputs
• High Resolution 24 Bit for DAC and ADC
• Power over Ethernet (PoE) or 24VDC power supply
• Provides High Quality of Preamplifier for Microphones
• Dimension: 116mm x 114.5mm x 53.1mm (WHD)