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Speaker Selector


Speaker Selector

The McLELLAND SS-27R & SS-27RW speaker selectors are designed for handling high power signals up to 2500W per channel (SS-27RW for 400W per channel).
These two items both can be used to connect either 2 power amplifiers, 7 pairs of speakers or 7 power amplifiers and 2 pairs of speakers with the IR remote control, you can easily select the input signals and output channels. They also allow link two units working together to expand to a 14 channels output system.


•High Power Handling up to 400W per channel
•Switchable 2 In/7 Out or 7 In/2 Out working mode
•Multi Zone Enable function allows to select more than 1 output simultaneously
•Muting function to mute the unit
•Front Panel In/Out channel select
•With IR Remote control
•Expandability allow 2 units link together to expand to 14 outputs with Master/Slave Unit assign
•Front panel Master/Slave unit control select
•Automatic recall of last-used settings after switching on
•External IR Receiver accessories


•Power Handling: 400W per channel
•Input/Output connectors: 5-Way binding posts
•IR Remote Distance: 10 M
•Dimensions: 482 W x 220 D x 78 H mm